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clarks lugger shoes, Brian just returned home from Vegas for Summer League and shares his experiences Kings related and general NBA as well. We touch on the Tyler Lydon signing, the bottom of Sacramento's roster, the new challenge rule, and more. Onto what is one of the most exciting and promising young cores in the entire NBA in the Denver Nuggets, we are joined by Adam Mares, the site manager for the Denver Stiffs and host of the Locked On Nuggets podcast.These were the first sleeved jerseys in modern NBA history. They probably should have been the last. It's no wonder Golden State started winning titles shortly after ditching these.We also give some details about the Buddy Hield jersey giveaway that we are doing at the end of the episode, so stay tuned for that! Thanks to Keith Smith for joining us. Onto the Windy City and widely popular team that is the Chicago Bulls. They are in a situation similar to Sacramento and we brought in one of the hosts of the Bulls Gold podcast, Salim, to help us break down the team heading into next season and reflecting on the last. Also, listen until the end for the reveal of the final question in the Buddy Hield jersey giveaway and follow us on twitter to win @Kings_Pulse.The uniform features Toronto across the chest in the team's original typeface style along with a jagged line across the chest as well as across the shorts representing the scratch of a raptor's claw. We can all celebrate the team wearing a uniform with Toronto across the front even if they'll be playing far far away in Tampa, Florida this season. A celebration of the state of Oklahoma, the Thunder will wear these blue, orange, and black diagonally striped uniforms this season. Oklahoma across the front is in a similar style as the state flag, the state map is on the waistband of the shorts, and UNITE is written in the lower left to challenge themselves to reach further and aim higher together. Three shades of blue, a wave running across the jersey, and reflective numbers for a very unfamiliar design for the usually green and cream Milwaukee Bucks.Well you do now, thanks to the Hornets new mint green city uniforms with gold and granite striping. This pays tribute to both that mint as well as the Carolina Gold Rush in the early 19th century. The gold carries on the theme of cash and riches but why granite? Well, granite is the state rock of the Hornets' home state of North Carolina. Teamcolorcodes.com is not affiliated with any teams or leagues that have their colors displayed. Charlotte Hornets – The Charlotte Hornets NBA team has colors similar to the old Arizona Diamondbacks logo.Be sure to follow us @Kings_Pulse on twitter. One of the Eastern Conference favorites is next up for our season previews, and we are joined by Jackson Frank to dive into the Philadelphia 76ers. The aspects of their potentially elite defense, the switchability, replacing Butler with Richardson, staggering minutes, how the offense will function, and expectations for next season. Could the Spurs be the team to fall out of the playoffs and allow Sacramento to end the drought? We run through all the other 29 teams in the association and talk about how we think that the Kings matchup against each one of them individually. Let us know which matchups that you think are the most favorable or the most challenging.Look no further than the Mardi Gras-themed NOLA uniforms the team formerly known as the New Orleans Hornets wore several years ago, when Chris Paul was still the point guard of the squad that drafted him. It's hard to imagine that folks in the Big Easy wouldn't welcome a return of these purple, green and gold jerseys, especially come next February. LeBron James would look too tough in these during his final season in Cleveland. This presented purple mesh jersey features SAC across the chest in gray-on-white tackle twill. The number 40 appears on the chest and back of the jersey in white-on-gray tackle twill.

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