With Easy-To-Layer Silhouettes, papuče na čičak
papuče na čičak, The N.F.L. wisely instructed officials to be less stringent about offensive holding in 2020, lest games be marred by endless flags after the Covid-canceled preseason. Per Football Outsiders Almanac, offensive penalties dipped from 3.6 per game in 2018 and 2019 to 2.6 per game last year, with holding penalties dropping from 725 1.41 per team per game) in 2019 to 430 0.84) in 2020. Not coincidentally, scoring increased to an all-time high of 24.8 points per game, and the games themselves were noticeably crisp and enjoyable.However I am not holding out much hope for this new set, I have no faith in Nike. Reader Jakob Fox has spotted a small adjustment to the Kings' uniforms that Paul didn't catch for his NHL Season Preview. … Someone on eBay is selling a baseball cap designed to look like Ed Belfour's eagle mask from the '90s.The jersey has a clean, solid look, which always goes a long way. But the jerseys are just a part of the overall rebrand of JSU since the arrival of Sanders. Mr. Design JunkieThe longer you sit and look at these the better they get. Initially, one look at that giant off-centered longhorn logo and you're ready to move on. It's abstract in a way that Picasso himself could have designed. Alas, these are just too out there for the Green Bay Packers.I'm not so sure … the 2016 color rush uniform has a very traditional font and has been very well-received by fans . I've also thought the Bengals should be an orange team rather than a black team. I get they originally looked that way to intentionally copy the Browns, but 50+ years later I think we can let that go. They'd have a pretty solid and distinct identity there.The problems arose when the team couldn't leave well enough alone and kept missing with the other details. The uniform didn't need additional logos like the leaping tiger on the sleeve, and it definitely didn't need side panels, contrasting shoulder yokes, or more white in the color scheme. In 2016, Nike brought in doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital to point out potential colorblindness issues. Aside from red-green, the NFL also avoided brown-purple Browns/Ravens) and yellow-bright green Rams/Seahawks) matchups, requiring one of those teams to wear white uniforms in those games. If a team wasn't already planning to wear a throwback, it won't be able to add one at this point. The logo features a custom number font, which is a blend of the franchise's Saloon, traditional block, outlined and drop-shadowed number fonts.Conversely, the New England Patriots Color Rush uniforms mimic the stripes of their uniforms of a previous era. Whereas NFL teams most commonly wear pants in a contrasting color, all the Color Rush uniforms have pants and jerseys of the same color. On April 10, 2018, the league announced that Color Rush promotion would be discontinued under the terms of the new Thursday Night Football broadcast contract. Teams were allowed to continue to use their existing Color Rush uniforms as standard third jerseys.

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